Maid Marion, Coppice Rd, Arnold. 1956 - now defunct.

Maid Marion, Coppice Rd, Arnold. 1956 - now defunct.


Leslie Marples

16.06.2021 13:25

Can you tell me when the maid marian pub in arnold close for the last time please

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06.11 | 11:30

I was born and brought up on Saville Road. Our house plot was believed to have been on the site of Arnot Hill House stables and kennels as my Dad was always digging up bones in the back garden.

Sandra, we contacted Bonington House about the trophy you refer to but unfortunately have been unable to locate it, if you could provide more information, we may be able to look into it further. Lynne

03.11 | 15:32

28.10 | 19:31

Hi Sandra, we will look into this for you and post a reply on this site as soon as we have any information. Lynne

Hello Tim
A picture is now on gallery page requested pictures. The exhibition in Arnold library is about Front Street

25.10 | 13:16