Arnolds Public Houses

In 1990, local historian Bill Spick in his Book of Arnold, listed the names of 45 public houses which since the late 1700’s had opened their doors to the punters of the town. Many of these inns had closed by the time of the books publication and there have been considerable and ongoing changes since, as Arnold followed the national trend of increasing pubs closures. The Nell Gwynn, Oxclose, Maid Marion, Druids Tavern, Grove and White Hart have all served their last pints. Demolished in the way of progress. The land used for housing, a nursing home, a police station, car parking or a supermarket. One, the Oxclose, still stands although it now serves “Chow Mein” rather than a good old pint of mixed. Three pubs have had name changes. Not for the first time in the case of the Flying Horse which was previous called the Friendly Tavern. It is now Sprinters. Some would argue this is no longer a public house rather a restaurant which serves alcohol. That debate aside the building still stands. The Old Spot in Daybrook which was so called for 235 years is now the Coopers Brook. The Horse & Jockey after 222 years is now The Eagles Corner and the Lord Nelson after a mere 177 years is currently resplendent in its Blue Monkey livery. For a generation or two the old names will endure. The Arrow on Gedling Rd was demolished but bucked the trend and was rebuilt on the same site and kept its original name. Also on a positive note for Arnold’s drinkers, two new pubs can be added to Bill Spicks original list. The Eagle on Howbeck Rd and The Abdication in Coronation Buildings, Daybrook. The latter, a recent addition, is a very much on trend Micropub, brewing and selling its own ale.

The photographs below are from Arnold Local History Groups archive and illustrate Arnold’s public houses, old, new and defunct. Click on the images to enlarge them and see details. The archive contains many more photos on the same theme but there isn’t sufficient space to post them all. If you have a particular interest please contact the group and we will endeavour to post the pictures. Also there are gaps in the dates for some of the pubs illustrated below. If you can plug these gaps with the relevant dates please let us know.

Geoff Smith ©ALHG

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I was born and brought up on Saville Road. Our house plot was believed to have been on the site of Arnot Hill House stables and kennels as my Dad was always digging up bones in the back garden.

Sandra, we contacted Bonington House about the trophy you refer to but unfortunately have been unable to locate it, if you could provide more information, we may be able to look into it further. Lynne

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Hi Sandra, we will look into this for you and post a reply on this site as soon as we have any information. Lynne

Hello Tim
A picture is now on gallery page requested pictures. The exhibition in Arnold library is about Front Street

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